What is Purchase Order Financing?

What is Purchase Order Financing?

Purchase order financing is one of many alternative lending options for businesses that need capital to fill just one or many customer orders. Cash flow problems exist in many different businesses. There are times when a company just doesn’t have enough capital available to cover the costs of doing business, whether it’s for materials, transportation or anything in between. If this is happening, an order from a client might come in, but the business can’t fulfill it because of the lack of cash. Turning down the order definitely means revenue is being lost and could even tarnish a good reputation.

If people hear that a company is turning down clients due to not being able to afford to complete jobs, customer trust is lost. To avoid this, it’s important that businesses get access to the money that they need to keep business up. For many companies, purchase order financing is their first choice in doing so.

This type of funding includes one company paying the supplier of another business for goods that have been ordered. This is a type of cash advance and might not be enough for the entire amount of supplies needed, but it typically covers a large portion of it. Sometimes a company can qualify for 100% financing. The financing company will collect the invoice from the customer. In turn, they make money by charging the business that needs funds various types of fees, which are taken out of the invoice. The remaining amount is then returned to the business.

Using purchase order financing is a great way to get the funding your business needs. It’s easy to qualify for and much easier than going through a bank for financing. It also doesn’t require your business to have outstanding credit, as the financing company typically is more concerned with the credit of your customer whose invoice is being purchased. If this client has a good credit history, then getting approved for the financing is pretty easy. Many financing companies will typically require that the client in question be a commercial one, like another company or business. You might also come across other requirements, but it differs from company to company. Bank lenders will look at your business’s financial strength and credit history, while purchase order financing mostly depends on the qualities of the company who has placed a order with you, making this a great option for new businesses trying to grow as well as those that need funding to stay afloat but have average credit.

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