Every business could take some pointers from the lead generation ideas below. They are not all trucking specific but if you incorporate some of these idea your freight company will be the better for it.   

Get your freight company noticed:

  • Be where your prospects are – trade associations, trade publications, social networks (especially LinkedIn and Google+), on the web (found in searches)
  • Create original content that tells the story of your business but also why companies should work with you. Be original.
  • Word of mouth marketing is the best by far. If you already have satisfied customers. Let your prospects know through their testimonials. If you can get it on video, even better.
  • Once you start to build your contacts list, you need to ensure you are getting in front of them. Send quarterly or monthly newsletters  and follow up with prospects periodically to see if they are nearing a point where they need your services
  • Direct mail is also helpful. Once a quarter or a couple of times each year, send out a large, colorful postcard with a call to action to drive prospects to your website for more information or motivate them to call you for a quote

Attract customers who are ready to hire

  • Word of mouth, positive reviews and 5-star ratings on social networks and online review sites make for powerful marketing when it comes to customers who are ready to hire a freight company – make sure you are asking your customers to leave reviews for you online with each successful transaction
  • Establish an editorial schedule and regularly publish new, original, optimized content to your website and/or blog including articles, landing pages, pages with forms (such as subscription forms that help you build your contact list, instant quote or request for information forms)
  • Make it easy for customers to find out why and how they should do business with you; more and more, customers want to do most – if not all – of their research online before choosing a freight company, including making price and value comparisons and looking for reviews

Motivate prospects who might be looking for a change

  • Perceived employee indifference is the #1 reason people stop doing business with an organization; make sure that the way you and your employees treat each and every customer and prospect is polite, professional and knowledgeable
  • Make doing business with you as easy as possible by providing as much information as possible in your proposal and on your website; show comparisons with unnamed competitors that demonstrate how your transportation services can save your customers time and money
  • In your print and digital marketing materials, speak to the points of differentiation that set your trucking business apart from competitors that would likely be most important to your customers
  • Incentivize referrals and recommendations from your current customers


These are just a few ways to get your prospects attention. CoreFund is dedicated to helping you grow your freight company in more ways than one. Sign Up to boost your cash flow and keep your business rolling.