Did you know fuel costs account for nearly 30% of your total operating costs. Hybrid vehicles and fleet management software are all good and well. But there’s another cost effective strategy that can make a big difference on total fuel use and your bottom line. Driver Education.

With so much of your budget going towards fueling your trucks, it is more important than ever, to help your drivers become aware of how their driving affects fuel consumption while making the roads safer.

Use some of these top tips to minimize fuel use and keep your fleet rolling.

1. Monitor traffic ahead and minimize gear changes
When a driver can anticipate having to slow down, they can plan accordingly to keep the truck moving and reduce the number of gear changes they need to make. With an added height advantage it is easier to monitor these traffic and road conditions.

2. Obey Speed Limits
Speeding is fun! It can also have negative effects on the engine, an increased risk of an accident and speeding fines. Not to mention, it also decreases the fuel economy of the vehicle. It is reported that every 5 mph driven over 65 mph represents a 7% decrease in fuel economy.

3. Use your momentum
Momentum can be used to get over a hill, or roll to a stop. In most vehicles, by removing your foot from the accelerator you are able to stop using fuel altogether.

4. Avoid overfilling
Filling the tank to the brim can easily overflow the tank when the fuel is heated, either by the sun or fuel returned by the engine. This can be dangerous to other road users, but also wasteful.


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