Top Tips for Drivers: 3, 2, 1… Action!

We’re talking about evasive action today, and why it’s important to make sure it’s adequate. Inadequate evasive action, such as not using sufficient steering inputs or not braking appropriately, causes 14% of safety-critical roadway events. We have two big tips for you today on how to safely evade traffic conflicts.


Lights on!

Brake lights exist for a reason; they indicate if a car if applying their brakes. If you’re focused on the road and looking out at least 15 seconds ahead of you (about ¼ mile on the highway), you’ll be able to quickly catch if a vehicle in front of you hits the brakes.


Pick up good scanning habits.

Regularly scanning your surroundings and the environment allows for increased awareness. You’ll be able to recognize and potential hazards quickly, leaving time to react safely. This includes traffic, stopped vehicles, road conditions, and more. When you know what to be on the lookout for, you’ll be more prepared to carry out evasive actions properly.

Don’t let an inadequate evasive action get the best of you. Always use your best judgement, common sense, and training in addition to these tips. Check out our other blog posts to find more useful tips and tricks for truckers!