Ever thought about hauling local freight? DrayNow is currently the only mobile app on the market that connects motor carriers with intermodal freight in their local areas. The app is completely free and allows drivers the flexibility to choose their own loads through the DrayNow marketplace. With transparent pricing and access to all trip information, carriers that use DrayNow know exactly what to expect from each load to ensure that it’s the perfect match.

What exactly is intermodal freight? Also known as drayage, it’s any freight that comes off of a train and needs a carrier to bring the container to its next destination. Intermodal freight originates from rail yards and is typically taken to a shipper/consignee before returning the container back to the yard. These moves are typically shorter distances than truckload so carriers can make money while being able to get back home every night.

With DrayNow, carriers can say goodbye to calling in their location and mailing in paperwork because everything they need to do is done right within the app. The app itself is hassle-free and provides step-by-step instructions along the way for each trip while also letting drivers upload all documents right into the app. This is to guarantee that each and every driver can easily and successfully complete their loads.

It doesn’t matter whether a carrier is a single owner operator or has a fleet of trucks, the DrayNow app is available to all carriers that have a tractor unit and can haul 53’ intermodal containers. Signing up for the platform is simple and done right within the app itself. Carriers can also use the app however they would like, whether that means filling gaps in their schedule with quick intermodal trips or planning the entire week with DrayNow freight.

With just a few clicks on your mobile device, you could be on your way to a brand-new opportunity for your carrier business. Visit DrayNow.com for more information and check out the app in the App Store & Google Play store!