Have you been looking for new opportunities in the trucking world to expand your business? Look no further than our partner, DrayNow. They have the first intermodal freight marketplace available as a free app for your mobile device.

Here are the five ways that using the DrayNow app can help benefit your carrier business:

  1. Fast, free and easy sign-up process

For starters, the DrayNow app is available to download for free in the Google Play and App Stores. Signing up is done within the app with a very quick turnaround time to get you access to local freight in no time. DrayNow is available to carriers of all sizes that have interstate authority, insurance and the equipment available to haul 53’ containers.

2. All local loads

What exactly is intermodal trucking? It’s the type of trucking where carriers pick up shipping containers from a railyard and use them for a pickup or delivery trip. Intermodal loads are all local, so carriers are able to take multiple trips in one day while being able to get back home every night. And with less miles per trip, that’s going to be less wear and tear on your truck.

3. DrayNow provides flexibility

To use the DrayNow app, there’s no obligation at all regarding how much freight you need to take. Carriers can use the platform to make their entire schedule for the week or simply fill a few gaps with some shorter trips. Since all carriers signed up with us are independent contractors, there will never be a forced dispatch situation. Everything is at the carrier’s discretion from start to finish.

4. You know what to expect on each trip

Transparency is important to ensure that you know exactly what the requirements for a job are and that you can handle it. When looking to book a load off the marketplace, carriers have all of the information right in front of them. All in pricing, mileage, location and appointment times, even special instructions, are listed for the carrier to see before they decide to pick up a trip.

5. Everything is done in the app

There’s a reason why DrayNow carriers rave about the ease of using the app. Everything you need to do to successfully haul an intermodal container, besides the actual driving, is done through the app. Carriers follow the steps of the trip, enter load information upload documents all in one place.

If you’re interested in using DrayNow, download the app in the Google Play store or App Store, or click the link here!