There are always two main questions trucking companies ask when they’re looking to grow their business – where can I find more loads and how can I get paid quicker? We have the answers right here!

Funding your business can make or break your ability to succeed and grow. Freight Factoring is a great funding option for trucking companies that are looking to expand their business. Choosing a flexible funding option like CoreFund Capital means no minimums, no long-term contracts, a quick and easy qualifying process, and the freedom to choose which customers’ invoices to factor! When you factor with us you’re not only choosing flexibility, but transparency, experience, and superior customer service as well!

Our partner, DrayNow, is another great company that offers flexibility when it comes to growing your business. Carriers that sign up for their app can take loads whenever they like and however many can fit into their schedules! Whether you want to plan out your entire week or just fill a gap in your day, DrayNow has the best freight for whatever your business needs. Their app has all short, local loads, so it’s easy to pick and choose the freight that works best for your business and goals.

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